3 Best Gmass Emailing Alternatives For 2019

Email marketing has been a powerful and diverse way of connecting your brand to other people that are possibly interested in your product. Since the rise of the internet, almost 40% of all the people in the world are now using emailing services. If you check the statistics, that is about 3 million people and experts have predicted that the count will increase by 2 billion in the next 3 years! Email marketing works best when it is personalized. Emails can be customized to your client’s needs in order to make your communication relevant and appealing to them.

Gmass has always been the leader when it comes to mass emailing techniques but it has its own disadvantages. In the recent years, a lot of Gmass alternatives are already available in the market. To help you pick the most appropriate application, our team has listed the best and newest Gmass alternatives which will allow you various ways to customize your email in order to turn those leads into sales.


Polymail is an efficient and cheap Gmass alternative application close to perfection. It boasts of its simple and powerful design which is easy to understand and use. It comes with a free version which allows you to test the application as long as you like. You can also upgrade it to the Pro version which offers more comprehensive features to use. It has the ability to collect the contact profiles of email senders such as their contact numbers, social media profiles and others. It also allows the user to read emails at a later date, schedule advance emails, an easy to organize inbox and canned template responses.

Perhaps the most important feature of this Gmass alternative is its email tracking system. If you are sending mass emails to multiple recipients, the app can monitor each of these emails and show who read your email. It is a must have Gmass alternative for personal emails and for business emails as well. The application is also available for mobile devices.


NewtonHQ is another Gmass alternative software which boasts of its alluring user interface which is easy to use. Newton has a “Read Receipts” capability which allows you to check if a recipient has already read the email that you sent. A feature that no other Gmass alternative offers! It also has the “Send Later” feature so you can always send those important mails on time without forgetting it. Newton also allows you synchronization with other applications such as Evernote and Asana. This means you can have all your tasks organized with a simple click on your screen! You can try downloading this Gmass alternative software and enjoy it for free for 15 days.


With this Gmass alternative, you can set up any of your email messages to be sent at the preferred time you will choose. Each time you create an email message, you have the power to choose the exact time and recurrence that the message will be sent. You just have to send the “Send Later” button located at the application’s toolbar and pick the date and time on the selector. Delayed messages will be stored on a “Send Later” folder and will only be sent when the selected time is reached. And at any time, you can open, edit and remove delayed messages manually. It is an absolute Gmass alternative masterpiece that you should use to help you organize your inboxes.