Email Marketing Know-Hows Guaranteed To Generate Leads

According to a recent research, over 150 billion emails are sent every day because email marketing is still regarded as one of the best ways for businesses to communicate with their customers. So what can you do to standout and get leads?

Knowing the key to a creating good email message is vital for your brand. So take note of the following tested and proven tips used by successful businesses to get their emails opened:

Use Tools in Sending Outreach Emails


Sending a few cold mails per day is an easy task. However, as your business grows, expect that sending emails will become complicated. When the time comes that you will be sending 500 emails per day, things will get a bit more challenging. Luckily, there are several tools that will make the process of sending multiple emails a lot simpler.

Managing and sending email outreach in Gmail will save you countless hours compared to emailing your prospects manually. You can also access different Gmail extensions to help you manage your inbox. Mailtag is an extension used for email outreach in Gmail that allows you to know that your emails have been opened in real time. The application also allows email scheduling and automation of email follow ups. is another powerful tool that combines email outreach in Gmail and automation of cold emails. The application also has a follow-up sending feature. All you need to do is sync your contact lists with and run the app in the background.

Mixmax is a great tool for email based sales and email outreach in Gmail. It also has unique features such as email templating and scheduling of the delivery of emails. If you need an application that can schedule appointments as part of your email outreach in Gmail, Mixmax is the answer to your problems.


Understand HTML Emails

Most email developers know that creating and sending HTML emails in Gmail is not an easy task. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind so you can create a well-written and well-designed HTML email. For example, you should always remember that when an email exceeds 102kB, Gmail will only display the first 102kB and will clip your message. If you are almost at 102kB, you can save a few bytes by eliminating useless spaces. You must also avoid using images when sending HTML emails in Gmail.

Another thing to consider is that Gmail only uses the HTML5 document type. Regardless of what document type is specified in your email, your email will always be interpreted as an HTML5 document type when sending HTML emails in Gmail. This will cause your email to show up differently when opened in a browser.

Measure Everything

You need to measure email analytics and the performance of your emails to know that your promotion is working. The result will differ greatly depending on your next move, and the type of emails you generate including sending HTML emails in Gmail. Google Analytics is a powerful tool in analyzing these numbers.

Test Your Email

If you are an email developer, you must know by now that you can never successfully send an email the first time. There will always be something that needs to be fixed such as a typo or a rendering issue. Before sending an HTML email in Gmail to your clients, send a sample email to yourself and check it for errors.