Marketing Advantages of Mass Email from Google

With today’s staggering advancements of search engine optimization, social media and internet marketing, is it already the end of mass email marketing? The answer is a definite no. Mass email from Google is still pretty much active and it is still considered as one of the most beneficial way of marketing your brand. Mass emails from Google still provide more opportunities for your brand and it drives a better return of investment compared to other marketing methods. With mass emails from Google, your brand can bring profound relationships with a variety of clients at a cheaper price compared to traditional media. Here are some of the best advantages of using mass email from Google for marketing your brand:

Targeted Audiences

Having the capability to choose your target clients is the answer to all the problems of marketing. With mass email from Google as a marketing technique, your company will have the ability to control who you want to see your products by dividing your contacts depending on their location, lead status and other factors. Sending targeted mass emails from Google guarantees that your potential clients receive content that are particularly caters to their needs.

Boosts Brand Awareness

With each email that is sent, clients are becoming aware of your brand. Sending mass emails from Google is a great strategic plan that will build and improve the value of your brand. By sending mass emails from Google, you stay on top of the minds of your potential clients. When the time comes that your audience need a service or product that you sell, your brand has a better chance of turning those leads into loyal customers.

Cost Efficient

Possible the most appreciated benefit of mass emailing from Google as a marketing technique is its return on investment. It does not ask for any fees, printing costs and other advertising expenses. According to a recent survey, email marketing methods such as sending mass email from Google generates as much as $50 for every dollar you have spent.


Analytical metrics are crucial for knowing the success of any project. A lot of marketing mediums today provide inconclusive and uncertain results. In contrary, mass email marketing gives accurate and helpful data such as rates of delivery, click to deliver rates and the retention rate of your audience. These facts provide you a deeper understanding on how your customers behave and the things that interest them. Utilize sending emails as a marketing tool to track which data your audience are most attracted to. With this knowledge, you can progress your marketing strategies towards a more profitable campaign.

Never put mass email marketing out of your marketing tools lists. If you have not yet considered this for your business, now is the time to utilize it and reap its benefit for the good of your brand. It is also recommended that you partner with a reputable marketing advisor to make the process easier and cost effective. With strategic planning, guidance and a fierce message, your company will surely improve its name and profit.